Events about Avatar
Adi Da Samraj

Events about Avatar
Adi Da Samraj

An ancient text says: “Mankind does not know. Only the Horse knows.” Therefore, you must grasp the tail of the Horse, the God-Realizer. . .  The Horse takes you - I take you - Where there is to go.


Dear Friends,

In response to the developing coronavirus pandemic, Adidam Los Angeles and the Southwest is suspending all on-location events until it is deemed safe for people to gather again. This is true of all Adidam Centers around the world. However, we continue to introduce Adi Da Samraj to people by making great offerings available online—including hosted screenings of the award-winning Conscious Light film and a series of monthly webinars about Adi Da Samraj and His Spiritual Teachings. We invite you to participate online. Here is a current listing of online Adidam programs being offered:

Los Angeles Events

Please join us on September 19th, 2020 at 5 PM to watch and consider Avatar Adi Da’s beautiful discourse – The Divine is Not the Cause.

In this discourse, Adi Da Samraj is asked a series of questions that have been asked time and time again to Realizers in the past. The questioner asked important and fundamental questions such as how the contraction from the Divine was first caused, what is the nature of the “ego”. and, in the manner of a famous Buddhist koan, if trees were “egos”.

Adi Da talks about the human condition and how confinement is used as punishment or form of torture. In truth, humans are they way they are because they feel confined.  How can we be free of this feeling of confinement?  

He goes on to discuss the limitations of techniques used to be free of the feeling of contraction, such as tracing the “I” thought back to its Source. In contrast, He talks about way He Offers and the freedom inherent in it.

Adi Da Samraj also speaks about the disposition of non-humans and how they participate in Reality.

The Discourse concludes with Avatar Adi Da’s Ecstatic Confession of the direct and tacit “Point of View” of Divine Realization—the universe as Unconditional Light.

Please join us. These occasions are always full of interesting discussion, good company, and of course, Avatar Adi Da’s heart-opening Wisdom and Blessing Presence.


Date: Saturday, September 19, 2020
Time: 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM
Presenters: Phyllis Hyde and Tim Peterson
Password: flower
Cost: No charge, but donations are appreciated by Paypal and paid to
Questions: Write Tim Peterson at or call 310-358-0555.

Tim Peterson has been a formal devotee of Avatar Adi Da since 1995. Before becoming a devotee, Tim was a Zen Buddhist monk. Avatar Adi Da Attracted him with His Perfect Wisdom Teaching, the Reality that one does not have to seek the Divine, and that when one turns to Avatar Adi Da based on a true heart’s response, the Way is Perfect from the beginning. Tim lives in Los Angeles and is always passionate about helping others further connect to Avatar Adi Da and take up the Way as Adi Da’s formal devotee. He also runs the Adidam Los Angele bookstore.

Phyllis Hyde has been a devotee since 1982. Being raised in Northern California near Avatar Adi Da’s largest gathering of devotees, she finds it amusing that she had to move to Sweden in 1980 to finally resort to His Wisdom Teaching and feel His Perfect Coincidence with Her. Phyllis loves to chant for Avatar Adi Da and serve not only approaching people’s response but also helping formal devotees grow in their devotional recognition and response to Avatar Adi Da.

Adidam Global Events

Click Here to To view all our current online events.

We will continue to update you on all local and online Adidam offerings. You can also view videos of Adi Da speaking on YouTube at AdiDaVideos

In this time of uncertainty, we wish everyone good health and safety.

Your friends at Adidam Los Angeles and the Southwest


Online Study Group

We are happy to announce another online event you can participate in each month. Led by devotee Vanessa Kenoyer, the study group focuses on relevant topics in Adi Da’s Wisdom Teaching. The meeting is interactive, giving all a chance to share about their process of exploring Adidam. Each session includes a mixture of the following:

  • A video clip of Avatar Adi Da speaking on a specific topic
  • A story (leela) related to that topic
  • Questions and discussion
  • A recitation from Adi Da’s Word
  • Sighting of Adi Da’s Form

The meetings is the first Tuesday day of the month at 7 PM PT.

To register for the online study group, contact Vanessa Kenoyer –

We hope you take advantage of this study group.

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