Dedicated to
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
and His Reality-Way

Dedicated to
Avatar Adi Da Samraj
and His Reality-Way

The Guru is The Divine Function That Arises in the “world” and serves the illumination of human beings, whereby they “Know” their own True Nature Perfectly.


His Divine Presence Avatar Adi Da Samraj devoted His human life (1939–2008) to Revealing and Establishing a means for all human beings to discover the ultimate nature of Reality, which He describes as Conscious Light, or the “Bright”. Avatar Adi Da communicated the “Bright” not just through words or philosophy, but by His direct Spiritual Transmission of It. Thus Adi Da Revealed and Established a new sacred tradition. His numerous books of Spiritual, philosophical, social, and practical wisdom are widely acknowledged as among the most insightful Spiritual teachings of this age. In response to Adi Da’s Blessings, Adidam sanctuaries and centers have been established globally. Avatar Adi Da does not offer mere techniques of self-improvement, but a transformative relationship to all who respond to Him. We invite you to consider for yourself this sacred relationship by reading Avatar Adi Da’s Teachings, hearing His Discourses, and seeing Him sitting in silent occasions of Blessing (Darshan). We also encourage you to contact your local Adidam Center to participate in events, courses, and retreats in your area.

Monthly Adidam Webinars

December Webinar: This Place Is Not a Utopia

In recent decades, yoga and meditation have become a regular part of the daily lives of millions of people around the world. Through these and other practices, people develop stronger bodies, more personal discipline, better health, more loving relationships, and a greater ability to manage the stresses of modern life.

In the last few months, however, it has suddenly become universally apparent that these benefits may not be enough. Life is not programmed to produce lasting satisfaction and immunity to the challenges, inherent suffering, and mortality of existence.

This webinar will explore Avatar Adi Da Samraj’s  argument that “positive disillusionment” with ordinary life is a necessary prerequisite for entering into the truly liberating process of spiritual practice. Join us for video excerpts, discussion and Q&A.


Sunday, Dec. 6
11.30am pacific, 2.30pm eastern, 7.30pm UK, 8.30pm Holland
(Recommended for Americas and Europe)

Wednesday, Dec. 9 (Dec. 10 Australia / NZ)
6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern
1pm Sydney / 3pm NZ (Thursday Dec. 10)
(Recommended for Americas and Australia / NZ)

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We are happy you have found this website celebrating Avatar Adi Da and His Work. Two significant events in the history of Avatar Adi Da and Adidam occurred in Los Angeles. In 1970 Ad Da was Re-Awakened to His native state and He also formerly began His Teaching Work here on Melrose Avenue in 1972.

We always enjoy helping others learn more about Adi Da’s Work and His Teaching. We serve not just those in Los Angeles area, but the entire US Southwest region including San Diego, Las Vegas, and Santa Fe.

All are invited to participate in our special celebrations, retreats, video programs, monthly discussion groups, and educational opportunities—either in person or via Zoom.

We invite you to explore this website and urge you to call or email us with any questions you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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